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Group International Health Insurance
GEO+Plus International® is one of the most comprehensive group hospital, surgical, medical and life insurance programs in the world. This program is designed for employers with employees who are either a US or Canadian citizens who reside abroad and may return to the US or Canada temporarily (for less than 12 months) or are overseas local and third country national employees. Geo+ Plus International allows employers to “carve out” their international employees to provide them with US-style benefits and worldwide coverage. This program includes medical, dental, life and indemnity benefits for these employees and their families
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Group Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Group Travel Medical InsuranceSM is designed for organizations who have a group of 5 or more primary insured that will be traveling together, and are traveling to a destination that is not the country of citizenship of any of the traveling members. Patriot Group Travel Medical InsuranceSM provides the same benefits as the individual Patriot travel medical insurance but with a 10% discount for applying as a group.
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