Business Insurance Checklist
Disability Insurance                                                                                    Back to Menu
If you, a partner, or a key employee become disabled, the loss to the company would be just as great as if he or she died. In fact, it could be worse, because that person would still require an income.
Questions to ask:
  1. Do I have adequate disability insurance on myself?
  2. Do we have coverage on our key employees to help meet our responsibilities to them if they become disabled?

Business Succession or Buy-Sell Plan and the insurance coverage needed to fund it
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If you don't have such a plan, perhaps now is the time to implement one. This isn't needed so much for the business's sake, but for that of your family to help ensure that they'll get the best price for the business if anything happens to you.
Questions to ask:

  1. If we do have a plan already, is it current?
  2. Is adequate life insurance in place to fund the buy out?
  3. Does it involve a disability purchase, along with the disability insurance needed to help replace my salary or income if I become ill or injured?

Deferred Compensation                                                                              Back to Menu
Enables you to send dollars ahead for the future. This is an attractive incentive for select employees as well as for you. By deferring a current raise today, for instance, you can potentially get the a tax break for yourself. Plus, you will be providing for your own future.
Questions to ask:

  1. Am I fully aware of all the advantages and benefits of a deferred comp plan?
  2. If there is a plan in force, am I taking maximum advantage of it?
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