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Continuously rising costs have made health care the wild card of your company's planning strategy. Three points to consider:

  • Health care is a key factor in an employee's decision to come on board and stay.
  • Costs being what they are, unless you are a big corporation able to self-insure, you probably cannot afford to go without.
  • Health care is an area undergoing rapid, innovative change. There are ways to control costs.

Questions to ask:

  1. Is our coverage meeting our needs, or is it leaving us and our employees dangerously exposed?
  2. Are our deductibles as high as we can comfortably afford?
  3. Are we aware of all the options available to us as a company, especially the recent developments designed to maintain quality health care services while controlling costs?

Key Executive Life Insurance                                                                       Back to Menu
Your key people are your greatest assets. Insurance on their lives can re-imburse the company for loss of services if a key person dies. If you don't have key person coverage on your most valuable people (that includes you), you ought to at least explore its advantages. If you already have this valuable insurance, it may be time to review it.
Questions to ask:

  1. Are all key players covered, including the owners?
  2. Are amounts right in proportion to the value of each key person?
  3. Do we need to change names on policies where a key person has left?
  4. Do you know how much cash value you have in each policy?

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