Business Insurance Checklist
Chances are your business insurance needs have changed over the past year or so, just as your company has. Here is a brief checklist of what items to review:

Business Protection, Property, and Liability Coverage
Medical Coverage
Key Executive Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Business Succession or Buy-Sell Plan & the insurance coverage needed to fund it
Deferred Compensation
Qualified Retirement Plan

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A fire, vandal, or big storm can wipe out your business in minutes. A bigger risk: being sued. According to the Trial Lawyers of America, nearly 20 million civil lawsuits a year are filed in this country at an estimated price tag of $300 billion in legal fees and settlement costs ("State Court Caseload Statistics 1995", National Center for State Courts, 1996). Make sure your assets
Questions to ask:
  1. Do I have business continuation coverage?  If so, is it adequate?
  2. If my facilities were destroyed, would I be able to recover?
  3. Is my liability-related coverage up to date?
  4. Do I own a good umbrella policy?


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